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Shipping Crates
ProBOX shipping crates are individually manufactured to specification for local and international shipping. They have been manufactured to ship such materials as aerospace parts, power generation parts, valuable artwork, and personal electronics. We create them using welded steel framing and plywood sides sealed together by screws, bolts, rivets, and/or glue. They can be made to be stackable, weather resistant, and/or pallet jack accessible. Each crate we manufacturer is reusable for a specific purpose with customized supports inside, eliminating the need for foam, paper or other packaging material. If you have a specific requirement with regards to protecting your parts, we offer many suggestions to help in guaranteeing the parts will remain intact during transit. Our customers use these containers to ship worldwide as well as to store parts in inventory. We also provide engineering support in determining the size, quantity and type of container that may best serve our customer.

Metal Work
Metal work is a delicate craft that is attempted by many, but perfected by few. At ProBOX, we take all necessary precautions ahead of time to create clean welded joints. Our top-selling pieces consist of fences, gates, railings, and frames for residential as well as commercial use. We use only the finest steel that is sealed with appropriate indoor or outdoor finish for long-lasting, quality results.

Wood Work
Since the industrial revolution, the furnishings we surround ourselves with have become prefabricated, unoriginal pieces that simply fill a space. For a unique look that meets a specific need in a specific space, we create customized cabinets, bookcases, mantels, fences, etc. for residential as well as commercial spaces. We have an eye for customized projects bringing together existing artwork and furniture into any project.

Stone Work
Nothing brings nature into a space more than the look of stone. We have created true paradise in the form of stone patios and fireplaces as well as functional works-of-art like stone retaining walls and pathways. We can take a rough space turn it into a truly remarkable place for your enjoyment.

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